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The pinnacle of quality made from region specific, pure varietal juices sourced from the most sought after vineyards in the world's most prestigious grape growing regions.  For More Information


Eclipse is Winexpert's newest collection providing powerful inspiring flavour, full-bodied character, structure, aroma and complexity of a wine. Our Estate line of wines has been improved greatly by providing the highest single strength juice and virtual content of any Winexpert kit past or present. The advantage comes from the addition of grape wine skins while preserving all the character of Estate products.  For More Information

Cellar Classic Winery Series

Cellar Classic Winery Series

The Cellar Classic Winery Series showcases our expertise and commitment to carry on the age-old winemaking traditions as practiced in the finest grape growing areas of the world. These red wines are produced by fermenting grape juice on 2.5 kgs of crushed grape skins, seeds and stems. This allows the winemaker to extract deep colour, chewy tannins, tantalizing flavours and complex aromas to produce richly structured wines.  For More Information

En Primeur

En Primeur

Ellegance defined.
Born of unprecedented research and development and most importantly - a passionate love of wine.  For More Information

rj spagnols

The craft wine making experience has never been so easy! Select your favourite RJ Spagnols wine kit and start to build your cellar.  
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Special Note:
All of the premium and ultra-premium wines made at Niagara Wine & Brew benefit from an additional stage in wine making and are cold stabilized for 2-3 weeks.


Water used in our wine making and beer brewing processes is our in-house CulliganTM water filtering system which produces water in its purest form.
This ensures the highest quality in taste and clarity for outstanding wines and beers made in store.

Every wine you make with us is guaranteed.
Your assurance is our commitment to uncompromising quality and customer satisfaction.