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About Our Beer Products...

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No Sugar.
No Malt Extract.
No Concentrate.

This all grain wort is brewed for us at R. J. Spagnol's state of the art Micro-Brewery in British Columbia.  It is then aseptically packaged and shipped to us where the final steps begin to create a superb quality beer.  Wort and ingredient mixing, yeast pitching, fermentation, cold stablizing, filtering and finally, carbonation.  It is then ready for you to bottle, a process which will take you only about 30 minutes.

About Our Beer Menu...

We offer a dozen different Beer Styles to choose from, including light bodied Cervesas, crisp Pilsners and Lagers, flavourful hoppy Ales, and rich malty Darks, plus Specialty Brews to celebrate the four Seasons.

The finished Beer tastes exactly like their Micro-Brewed equivalents - if those equivalents are well made!!!!!

Available in either 23L or 46L Batches!