festa brew


It starts in the brewhouse, at Magnotta Brewery in Vaughn Ontario, where all-malt hopped wort is prepared by dedicated and skilled brewing professionals using state-of-the-art craftbrewing equipment.  The finished wort is then passed through an advanced HTST (high temperature short time) pasteurizer and immediately packaged into sterile bags using the latest in ESL (extended shelf life) packaging technology.  The result is fresh pasteurized brewers wort that does not require refrigerated storage, and that is ready to use when the brewer is ready to make craftbrewed quality beer.

Festa Blonde Lager
A light coloured, crisp beer with a genuine lager yeast. This is a true all-malt lager brewed with no adjuncts. The yeast provided will ferment well at 9-15ºC, but will provide good lager characteristics up to 24ºC.

Festa Brew Cream Ale
A medium bodied, slightly fruity, fresh golden ale style. Deep golden colour with a delicate hop aroma and flavour.

Festa Brew Pale Ale
A deep golden coloured hoppy, fruity English style pale ale. Presents pleasant flavours and aromas of fresh finishing hops, which balance well with a bready malt profile and moderate body.

Festa Brew Red Ale
An easy drinking Irish style Red Ale. Attractive red-amber colour. Moderate malt body and pleasant mild sweetness. Moderate hop bitterness, mild hop flavour and low hop aroma. A step towards darker beers, without the roasted components

Festa Brew Brown Ale
A traditional, medium bodied English style Brown Ale. Pleasantly roasted, mid-bodied malt profile with low hop flavour and aroma and moderate hop bitterness. Slight yeast-derived fruitiness.

Festa Brew Bock
A classic dark, malty, strong German style bock beer. Also packaged with DCL's Saflager S-23 lager yeast (See Festa Brew Blond Lager above). High original gravity and finishes moderately sweet.

Festa Brew Stout
A full bodied, creamy, dark ebony coloured, finely roasted Irish style stout. Moderate to high hop bitterness with no hop aroma or flavour. Flaked barley contributes to body and mouthfeel.

Festa Brew Wheat
A clean, crisp North American Style wheat beer. Light straw colour and low hop bitterness. Refreshing and thirst quenching.

Festa Brew Low Carb
A premium version of North American style Low Carbohydrate Light Lager. All malt, no adjuncts. Very light straw colour and light bodied. Dry and crisp. Low hop bitterness, no hop flavour and aroma. Low carbohydrate and caloric value.