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We have dealt with Niagara Wine & Brew Co for a number of years and are very pleased with their quality of service.  Their friendly staff will go the extra mile to be of help to you and are open to any questions you have regarding their products.  Keep up the good work.

T. M., A Vineland Customer,
Vineland, ON

We were recommended by friends 5 years ago and we haven't looked back.  Friendly atmosphere; ”very knowledgeable” and always informing us of new arrivals. We bottle the higher end wines and still save considerably.
Barb & Ted McMullen,
Grimsby, ON

French Rosé, Selection Limited Release. A wonderful dry Rosé.   Have made several batches last year & need to make more.  I've drunk this all year, not just in the summer, which is very refreshing.  Have offered this to people who say no to Rosé, but when they have a sip, they often say 'I'll have a glass of that. It's not what I remember a Rosé being.' My son asked me for a batch for his birthday.
M. C.,
Stoney Creek

Just love this spot!!
It's so cozy & homey of a place to bottle our wine, the courtesy & friendliness is top notch. They will always have my business. Cheers to you all at Niagara Wine & Brew
Megan Price,
Grimsby, ON